Caring for Electronics During Your Move

When moving from your home, there are a countless number of belongings and valuables to keep track of and pack. A hasty packing job can lead to broken or damaged items during a move; therefore, taking precaution prior to your move will ensure the safety of your valuables.

Televisions, computers and other electronics can be among the most costly items that you travel with during your transition. If you pack these items the right way, however, it will prevent any potential damage or cost to you once you are in your new home, in addition to making your move easier.

If you still have it, try to use the original packaging for your electronics. Although most people do not keep these boxes, it is one of the safest ways to travel with your television or computer since the original packaging was specifically built for that object.

Double boxing is always a good idea, especially with fragile belongings, like electronics. Place the object in the first box and fill the excess space with packing peanuts or another form of cushion, and then place that box in a larger one with more packing peanuts. The extra time it might take will be worth the trouble when your television arrives without a scratch or dent.

Wrap cords them with twist ties or rubber bands in order to keep them organized and separate from each other. You can also label the cords so you know what they connect to when you are putting connections back together in your new home.

Electronics can provide plenty of pains to disassemble and assemble, especially if you have a large sound system or entertainment center. To make this process easier, you can take a picture of your electronic set-up before you move to give you a guide when you have to reassemble them.

Never hold back on protection for your electronics. Using at least two inches of packing peanuts or some form of cushion around all of your electronics will help guard your valuables from potential damage.

Moving can be a stressful and hectic time for many people. But taking certain steps before your move will put your mind at ease when you open the boxes at your new home.

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