Clear Out Clutter Before You Move

When you are moving to a new home, you do not need to bring everything from your old house with you. Some of your belongings may be dangerous or impractical to take with you, and there are other items which you simply may not need.


Within four to six weeks before your move, you should begin using up frozen foods, canned goods, and any perishable items in your kitchen. Although you can take canned goods with you, it is better to go ahead and use them, rather than have one more thing to pack. Do not purchase more than you will be able to consume before the move.

Unwanted Clothes, Books, Furniture, Etc.

Chances are you do not really need everything you have in your house. Most people have some things in their closet that they never wear anymore, or books they will probably not read again. If you’re moving with children, this is a great time to clear out some old toys that your kids have outgrown or lost interest in. By giving these items away to a thrift store or holding a yard sale, you can cut down the amount of packing you’ll have to do, and reduce the amount of clutter that will be carried over to your new home.

Flammable Items

Not everything can be moved. Professional movers may not carry items that are flammable or combustible; federal law requires that you dispose of these items properly. Some items you will need to discard include propane tanks, cleaning fluids, matches, poisons (such as weed or insect killers), aerosol cans, and partly used cans of paint, oil, or bleach. Ask your moving company to provide a complete list of items that they will not carry.

Start clearing out the items you will not be bringing with you several weeks before the move, so that you do not have to rush as moving day approaches. The more you clear out before the move, the less you will have to pack!

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