Do Not Hire a Moving Broker

When you are preparing to move, be it local or long-distance, you’ll want to find a reputable moving company to help guide you through the process. So how can you tell if you’re working with someone reliable and trustworthy? First of all, determine if they are actually movers. Unfortunately, lots of businesses will represent themselves as a moving company, when in fact they are just brokers or middlemen masquerading as the real thing. They don’t own trucks, employ drivers, or hire the professionals who will actually be responsible for the safe transport and delivery of all of your valuable possessions. Instead, they employ salespeople, and often don’t even come to your home for a physical inspection. They’ll simply get you to describe the items you want moved, make an inventory, and pawn the work off to the lowest bidder from actual moving companies. Plus, there is often a blurry line between who’s insurance covers losses, and with little certification required to offer broker services, it’s difficult to judge them based on industry standards of good practices. So, when it comes to finding a proper moving service, make sure you’re doing your homework and trusting your business to a certified, professional company. Here’s a helpful list to remember why you do not hire a moving broker.

Reasons Not to Hire a Broker:

  1. They pose as a real moving company, but actually outsource the real moving labor to a third party. If problems arise or items are damaged, you’re often caught in the middle with no real resolution.
  2. They frequently give estimates over the phone or internet, never actually coming to see what will be moved. The result is often falsely low quotes, or unexpected fees to come.
  3. They try to ask for a deposit up front, which is for their fees, not the actual move!
  4. It’s difficult to know if they carry proper insurance, or if the movers who will actually do the work are reputable and properly trained and licensed.

So, as you can see, the safe bet when you’re planning a move is to call a BBB accredited, respected member of the American Moving and Storage Association. Check out their reviews online, and if you’re in the metro Atlanta area, consider Southeast Van Lines for an excellent, stress-free moving experience.

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