Essential Packing Supplies for Your Move

One of the most time-consuming aspects of moving to a new home is packing. It will take even longer if you are constantly having to run out to get more tape or boxes. You can eliminate a lot of hassle and stress by getting prepared early. Make a list of all the packing supplies you will need and gather them together in advance.

Boxes – Go through every room of the house, consider its contents, and make an estimate of how many boxes you will need. Once you have figured out that out, get even more boxes than you think will need — you’ll be glad you did. Keep in mind that there are some items you will need to pack on moving day; keep some empty boxes around for these.

Many moving and storage companies or office supply stores sell sturdy boxes in a variety of sizes. You can also often get boxes for free from a grocery store, but check to make sure that they are strong enough to hold your belongings without breaking.

Padding – You will need some cushioning material to protect your belongings. This can take many forms: old newspapers, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, etc. Newspaper is an appealing option for many, as it can be obtained for free; unprinted newspaper is preferable, as the ink from printed newspaper can sometimes stain packed items. You can get bubble wrap or packing peanuts from a moving company or in a store.

Tape – You will need a strong plastic tape to seal your boxes. Have more than one roll on hand, so that you will have enough tape to thoroughly secure your boxes.

Scissors – To cut tape for packing and open boxes when unpacking, you will need a good pair of scissors, or a utility knife.

Markers – The key to a stress-free move is organization, and that’s where markers come into play. Use a dark, wide tip marker to label each box with the room it belongs to and a summary of its contents.

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