Four Tips for a Smooth Long Distance Move

Moving can be a stressful time for any family, but moving across the country can be more demanding. There is more to think about and take into consideration when you move long distances. By following these four tips, it will help make your move go as easy as possible.

Take an inventory of your belongings – Before hiring a moving company, you will need to know how much stuff you have to move. Taking inventory will help you get an idea of how many moving trucks you will require. You will not want to underestimate how many boxes and how much furniture you have because it will not be possible to make a second trip.

Get rid of unnecessary items – Clearing out old and unwanted belongings will allow you to move only items that you currently use. This will save you time and money during the moving process. Organizing your new house will be effortless without all the unwanted clutter from your old home.

Document everything of value – Take pictures of all your expensive and valuable items in order to have documentation of your belongings. Be sure to buy replacement insurance for these items in case they get lost or damaged during the move. Most moving companies offer replacement cost insurance as an upgrade to your moving services.

Keep necessities with you – Pack a suitcase with plenty of clean clothes, toiletry items, medication, and snacks. When moving long distances, you do not know how long the move will take or if the trucks will be delayed. The last thing you want when traveling long distances is to run out of clean clothing.

Relocating can be a hectic and stressful time for your family. Organization is key to making a successful and hassle-free move. Preparation and planning ahead will help make the move easier for everyone.

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