How to Organize for Moving Day

Packing for a big move can be a hassle, but these tips from an Atlanta moving company can help you get organized.

Recommended Supplies

Some basic supplies you will need to begin packing are boxes, box tape/tape, bubble wrap, newspaper or wrapping paper, scissors/pocket knife, tool kit, sandwich bags (to hold furniture/appliance hardware) and markers.

How to Pack

When packing you want to pack as much as you can into your boxes to help protect our items. This allows less room for your things to move around and means less damage.

It is also good to start packing a couple of weeks prior to your move date. You should pack one room at a time. Begin with things that you do not use very often, such as, books and knick-knacks.

Pack each room in separate boxes and label each box with its contents.

Reinforce the bottom of all boxes with packaging tape. Use paper as fillers to eliminate empty space.

Leave light weight items such as linens and clothing in drawers.

Disassemble any items you can.

Wrap furniture with furniture pads or bubble wrap.

Remove legs from all furniture, if possible.

Place sofa cushions and pillows in bags.

When possible put things such as computers, printers and other electronics in their original boxes.

Color code or label wiring for ease reconnection. Tape electrical plugs to the back of the item to prevent damage. Wrap each piece in bubble wrap.

Wrap breakables in bubble wrap and use news papers as fillers in the box.

Pack bulbs and shades in sturdy cartons and label the box “fragile”.

Organizing and Storing Items

Moving is a great time to declutter. Remove clothing, shoes or items you have not used in a long time or not at all. If items are broken or do not fit, they can be given away or thrown out. After you have sorted through your belongings and decided what you are going to keep, take inventory of what you have.

Although these tips from Atlanta Movers make take a little bit more time than just throwing everything into a box, they will reduce the chance of damaging your belongs and will save you time getting settled into your new home. Preparation pays off!

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