Making Sense of Non-Binding vs Binding Moving Estimates

Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, moving can be stressful. The last thing you need are hidden costs from your moving company. That’s why you should always request a Binding Estimate Not to Exceed from the moving company. This way you and the moving company know the exact size of the shipment, how long it will take to pack, and most importantly exactly how much you will pay. The Binding Estimate Not to Exceed takes away any guesswork and allows the professional movers to foresee any problems.

A non-binding estimate may seem easier at first since you would describe the contents of your home to a representative of the moving company who will then make an educated guess of the cost. However, if the load is actually heavier than described or if some items need special handling, you may be charged more than the original quote. The convenience of getting a price quote over the phone or online is not worth the risk of unexpected hidden fees.

A Binding Estimate Not to Exceed is performed in advance of the move by an industry professional who knows exactly what it takes to safely move your items to your new home. When he or she makes a determination about your items, you will never pay more than what is quoted. The price can actually go down if theload is lighter than what he determined. This only benefits the customer and makes the process easier and more transparent for both parties. Here are a few tips to follow when requesting a Binding Estimate Not to Exceed:

The Binding Estimate must be in writing and a copy attached to the bill of lading on your shipment.

At the time of delivery, you are only required to pay the balance due on the Binding Estimate. Any additional agreed upon services may be paid at a later date.

Before they load your items, a representative from the moving company must reaffirm the Binding Estimate and is obligated to honor the quoted price. If they determine that your load is not accurately described in the original Binding Estimate, they may refuse service but only before they load your goods.

Having a moving professional come to your home and evaluate your situation takes a little bit more time than getting a price quote over the phone, but it is the only way to be absolutely certain how much your move will cost without having to worry about an unexpected price increase.

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