Recently I moved to Charlotte, NC from Atlanta, GA with my wife and pet. It was Southeast van lines, which moved us to Charlotte without any errors and without any delay. When I hired them, I made clear what I was expecting from them. They promised that they will not give me a chance to complain. They kept their word. Movers played their part perfectly and made possible damage free, stress free and timely move within my budget.

Moving your house or office can be quite a horrible experience if you end up hiring a lousy mover company. I have had such experience more than one occasion in the past. But not anymore! Southeast van lines has changed all that. Last week I used their service to move to my new apartment. I was pressed for time and was really nervous about the movers considering my previous experience. But the actual moving job went as smooth as silk. The movers were punctual, meticulous and careful. I had no problem at all regarding the movement. They literally took care of everything. Now I am happily settled in my new home, thanks to Southeast van lines.

I am using them regularly. I have to relocate very frequently because of the nature of my job. So, often I require the service of professional movers. Though there are many moving companies but very few can perform consistently and Southeast van lines one of those very few companies. They have the most decorated movers, who can manage any kind of moves and who are able to deliver under any circumstances. They never charge more than what they should do and they never try to take undue advantage of anything like most of the other movers. I have never actually found a single mistake by them and most importantly I noticed that the movers always give their best to ensure the safety and accuracy of the move. That is why I am recommending Southeast van lines.

I have heard many good things about them from my friends. All my friends are using them whenever they need to but I never used them before yesterday because I never actually moved anywhere! But yesterday I moved to my new apartment and I used them for my move. When I called them and talked the sales guy, I was expecting a lot because of the recommendations from my friends. Well they did not let me or my friends down. Movers were superb during the entire move. They were very punctual, fast and accurate. They managed to deliver a very efficient move in no time. I was not able to find a single mistake by the movers. Now I understand why my friends recommended Southeast van lines. I have decided to use Southeast van lines from now onwards whenever I need to relocate. Keep up the good work guys!

I recently relocated my shop thanks to Southeast van lines. I have an antique shop, so I have a lot of delicate items which had to be moved very carefully and with caution. The movers did exactly how I asked them to, they were very careful. They are professionals, efficient and quick.

It was a delightful experience moving with Southeast van lines. The distance between Atlanta, GA to Little Rock, AR was a big concern and they handled the pressure really well. I had lots of fragile, vulnerable and delicate stuffs plus some heavy furniture. They wrapped and boxed everything properly, padded the furniture really well and loaded with great care. Nothing was damaged or dented during the move and they drop off was made before the schedule. Thanks a lot to the sales rep Eli, foreman Tony and his team for the excellent work.