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Moving can be a stressful endeavor for lots of reasons. You’re leaving a home or office behind for what you hope will be a better place, and in the process, all of your prized possessions and important equipment are subject to potential damage. You don’t want to just trust any old moving service to get the job done right. Furthermore, you can’t be sure if the moving estimates you’ll receive are binding and not subject to change once you’ve agreed to the job. Well, with Southeast Van Lines, your moving estimates are rock solid, trustworthy, and backed up with our “binding not to exceed” guarantee. Take the stress out of your move and put your faith in a local Atlanta moving company you can trust. We’ve got over 20 years of experience making our customers happy, and most importantly, getting their possessions packed, transported, delivered, and unloaded safely and soundly. Don’t settle for less! Read on to learn about why our moving estimates are dependable.

On-Site Moving Estimates The Southeast Way

On-Site Moving Estimates The Southeast Way

From the first time you call Southeast Van Lines requesting moving estimates, our focus is on earning your trust and providing you a satisfactory result. We have professional estimators that will come to you for free on-site estimates. Once we’ve set a date, the estimator will visually survey your home or office, taking stock of your possessions and specific requests. In addition to moving items, also let us know if you’d like additional services such as packing, packing supplies, auto transportation, and storage. With all of this information, we’ll prepare your moving estimates and provide a written “binding not to exceed quote” to reflect the exact cost of your job. Don’t trust an oral estimate when preparing to move, and don’t use a broker to schedule your move. Instead, rely on Southeast for honest moving estimates. Consult the “Your Rights and Responsibilities Manual” to make sure you understand our liability, and then prepare to schedule your moving date and associated services. We’re members of the American Moving and Storage Association, so you can rest easy knowing you’re working with professionals. Call Southeast Van Lines today for moving estimates you can depend on.

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