Thinking Inside the Box

Thinking Inside the Box

Boxes are pretty simple. You put things in them, you carry them, and you take things out. Nothing that special about four sides of cardboard, it seems.If you have ever moved a home, however, you know that boxes are much more than just four sides of cardboard. They are the vessel that transports some of your most important belongings. And like any quality transportation system, moving boxes need to be versatile and durable if they are going to travel long distances with your valuables inside.

Moving services across the country provide boxes that can fulfill those requirements. Moving boxes come in a variety of shapes and forms that are made specifically for certain aspects of your move. Wardrobe boxes are tall and deep with built-in bars for hangers, making them perfect for the clothes you don’t want wrinkled or damaged. You can also pack the bottom of these boxes with shoes or other possessions from your closet. Dish packs, or cell boxes, separate and protect dishes and glassware with internal dividers and separate units.

File boxes come with interlocking tops and are used for transporting file folders, so you can keep your file cabinets light and avoid breaking or spilling them during a move. Another unique box is a picture frame container. They are typically long, wide and flat and are used to protect large pictures and mirrors.

All of these boxes are tailored for the safe travel of your property. Unless you have kept the original boxes in which you have bought your belongings, these specific moving boxes can make transporting your property much easier.

Moving boxes are created to be a sturdier and tougher option than your standard cardboard box. Many of the moving boxes you can purchase through a moving service go through tests to determine how well the box will keep its structure and how effectively they can stack on top of each other. Boxes are also tested to determine how well they hold together, allowing them to carry far more weight without ripping or crushing.

Buying moving boxes will cost more than using your own, but they are also much more durable. If you still choose to use your own boxes, look for boxes that have been double-walled, have pre-cut hand holds and can be used to transport heavy items like copy paper or filled bottles. Sometimes you can find these at local office buildings or libraries and bookstores.

While it might not seem like something that you need to give much thought to, having the right moving boxes will help move your belongings safely from one place to another. Specifically constructed for unique functions, moving boxes are much more than just four sides of cardboard.

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